Best Ways to Help Ukraine During the Genocide

It has been weeks since Russia attacked the free country of Ukraine.

In the last weeks, there have been thousands of civilians, children, animals who have been murdered by russian terror regime.
If you are looking to help Ukraine in the best way, but do not know how - this portal is for you.
We do real work and show real results!
Your donations will help Ukraine purchase much-needed military equipment and medical supplies.
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Donation reports from the past few days
Donation reports from the past few days
Thousands of people are buying products through curated Amazon Lists
Thousands of people are buying products through curated Amazon Lists
Donations from Medical list on Amazon
Donations from Medical list on Amazon
Donations from Military list on Amazon
Donations from Military list on Amazon
We raised at least $200K worth of supplies in just a week.
We raised at least $200K worth of supplies in just a week.
People are purchasing military, medical and humanitarian supplies.
People are purchasing military, medical and humanitarian supplies.
Visitors are gladly clicking “DONATE” buttons and donating to the cause!
Visitors are gladly clicking “DONATE” buttons and donating to the cause!

Donations are coming every day - Amazon trucks full of much needed items are arriving daily.

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Volunteers at Meest (the company that packages and ships supplies) are working tirelessly to pack everything and ship to Ukraine ASAP.

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Everything gets shipped on the first available flights to Ukraine and get delivered to our brave soldiers and volunteers who save lives daily.

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Donate Money

These are the best official accounts that we recommend.

Support Ukrainian Army

Help us save our brave soldier’s lives
The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The central bank’s decision comes after the Ukrainian government imposed martial law throughout Ukraine in response to armed aggression by Russia and the renewed threat to Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

Donate to Humanitarian Needs

Help civilians and refugees
NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces The NBU has opened a current account for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for humanitarian purposes. The account is meant for charity contributions from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ministry of Social Policy will channel the raised funds to support Ukraine’s citizens severely affected by the war.
Money transferred to this account will be used by the Ministry of Social Policy:
  • to provide food and shelter for refugees and citizens that have been displaced due to military conflict
  • to provide clothing, shoes, and medicine for them
  • to buy staple goods for the population
  • to pay out one-off financial aid and to meet other essential needs of the population.

Other Non-Profits and Charities

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🫶 Humanitarian

The NBU has opened a dedicated humanitarian account, collecting funds to provide food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and other essentials to refugees and citizens. The account accepts multiple currencies, including U.S. dollars, euros, and British pounds.
World Food Program (WFP) is a humanitarian organization that provides food assistance to people who have been forced from their homes by conflict or disaster. WFP has launched an emergency operation in response to the Ukrainian crisis and aims to reach over 3 million people inside Ukraine. Meanwhile, they are also working with UNHCR to assist 300,000 people who have fled the conflict. is an online platform that collects and hosts fundraising campaigns for charitable organizations. There are many active projects supporting Ukrainian civilians and the military. Aside from bank processing fees, 100% of funds go directly to the selected campaign.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Red Cross have created a joint account to support doctors and medical facilities in Ukraine. All funds are being used to meet the needs of doctors, hospitals, emergency care facilities, and medics on the ground.
Providing immediate emergency aid and recovery support for 4 million people, prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly. Crisis funds provide food, water, hygiene kits, cash, cash assistance and ongoing support.
MSF teams remain on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries, mobilizing to launch emergency operations. They are providing training to hospitals, delivering emergency medical supplies (trauma kits, surgical kits, etc.), and continuing to assess humanitarian needs.
Providing emergency support to respond to Ukrainians’ most urgent needs as they evolve. Razom’s current efforts focus on delivering critical humanitarian aid and medical supplies, and for other humanitarian needs, like transportation, evacuations, and refugee support.
SPF is raising funds to provide critical medical and humanitarian aid for paramedics and doctors in affected areas in Ukraine. They are distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical tools, and other essentials that are saving hundreds of lives.
WCK is serving thousands of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as those who remain in the country. They are providing round-the-clock meals at border crossings across the country and supporting local restaurants in Ukrainian cities.
DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighboring countries providing food, water, shelter, hygiene supplies, blankets, and healthcare to refugees and displaced families. Donate funds directly through their Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.
UNHCR is working with authorities, UN agencies, displaced community groups, and other partners to provide humanitarian aid—shelter, food, water, and medical supplies—to people forced to flee their homes. They are on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
WHO is collecting funds and delivering emergency medical supplies to ensure the Ukrainian people have access to essential healthcare. Contributions go directly to deliver urgent healthcare to people across Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries.
Hope for Ukraine supports individuals and families in some of the poorest communities across Ukraine. Your donation helps provide food to Ukrainians experiencing food shortages, rehabilitate wounded soldiers, and get basic necessities to children and families.
Every donation to Nova Ukraine results in immediate aid to real people who need it now. Money from donations is allocated daily to frontline volunteers helping provide emergency resources to both refugees and citizens who have remained in the war zone in Ukraine.
For almost 90 years, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has been responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises. When a new crisis strikes, the IRC’s emergency team swiftly activates to determine the most effective way to reach people in need.

🪖 Army

The NBU has a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The account accepts foreign currency (US dollars, euros, British pounds, Swiss francs, Australian, Canadian dollars, RMB yuan, and yen). You can donate directly or follow easy directions to transfer funds.
Donations go directly toward logistical and medical support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Launched in 2014, Come Back Alive is the largest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Funds are used to supply technology, training, and supplies to help save the lives of Ukrainians and the soldiers defending Ukraine.
Donations to Army SOS Citizen`s Initiative are used to purchase vital medical supplies to help the soldiers of Ukraine.

🐕 Animals

HSI is providing essential support and emergency funds to groups that are helping the Ukrainian people and the animals in their care. They’re getting food and veterinary supplies to hundreds of animal shelters, veterinary clinics, rescue centers, and families with pets.
Tens of thousands of traumatized animals and their guardians are fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. PETA Germany, supported by the Global Compassion Fund, is on the ground, helping animals and their families escape to safety.

👶 Children

The Lumos team is working in Ukraine and neighboring countries to help children trapped in orphanages, and providing emergency food, hygiene supplies, and medical kits to keep the most vulnerable children in the country safe.
Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families. Your donation helps provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance.
UNICEF response teams have been in Ukraine since 2014, delivering humanitarian assistance to communities. As the war continues, they’re scaling up emergency operations to meet the most critical needs of children, like safety, healthcare, clean water and nutrition, and protection.

😉 Independent Fundraisers *

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Raising money for a car, night vision binoculars, and drones for Ukrainian Army.

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