Help Ukraine Together is a small team of immigrants from the Midwest USA.

Our Mission:

Our families are under heavy artillery fire in Kharkiv, Kyiv and other cities that the Russian military invaded on February 24th, 2022.
Our goal is to raise awareness of the terrors that are happening in our homes and to help people donate to the Ukrainian Army and other organizations who are helping Ukraine to fight the aggressor today.
We provide you with information on how to donate to verified sources who are helping the people of Ukraine.
Our brave soldiers are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of our families. Please donate what you can to help us defend our country against Russian aggression.

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We started a Ko-fi Page! You can support our project and help us scale our operations. This will help more people to donate supplies to Ukraine. The fund you donate through this link will NOT be donated directly to Ukraine. Instead, we will use the donations from Fo-Fi fund to reach more generous people who want to help, make our website more efficient, and help Ukrainians in need. Please, ask us any questions at

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We are looking for new useful resources and are updating the website with new information.
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