Government websites

Fundacja Ukraina
e-mail address:
phone number: (48) 571 330 203

Migrant Information Point in Cracow

phone number: (48) 887 201 598 e-mail address:
As for transport and accommodation, there are Facebook groups where Polish people offer their help: Host A Sister -
Visible Hand -
A fundation Homo Faber, which operates in Lublin -
phone number: (48) 533 391 569
Regarding medical assistance, both national hospitals, medical centers and private companies like LUX MED and Damian Medical Center are open to Ukrainians. For free. Emergency number: 112 LUX MED:
phone number: (22) 45 87 007 e-mail address:
Damian Medical Center:
phone number:  (22) 566 22 20 Other Facebook groups where one can get help: Ukraine - how to help/I offer help -
Help for Ukraine -
Help for Ukraine, Polish people are with you -
Use the Facebook groups above to find help in getting out of there. There are lot of our citizens on borders, on both sides, who help those who crossed and those who are trying to cross.