Lysohor Kateryna
Please read this letter! Maybe you can help me with something? Good afternoon! My name is Katerina, I am from Kharkiv, I have a 3 year old child and my parents are 70 years old and they are very sick. Any help, medicines, food, if possible, financial assistance will be useful to us (a card in my name, a bank account in Ukraine, current account 262036400931569988, IBAN UA913052990262036400931569988, bank card number 5168 7520 0285 5107 privat bank, LYSOHOR KATERYNA, Ukraine, Kharkiv, postal code 61019, phone +380668493979), diapers for children size 5, maybe some toy for the child, because there is no money even to buy a toy for the child, household chemicals, cat food, anything you can help in these difficult and terrible times! All the savings that we had have already been spent during these months of the war, and even the credit limit has already been exhausted, which still needs to be repaid somehow, now with interest, we took goods in installments before the war, and now there is simply nothing to give it all away, there is nothing at all, you need to pay for utilities, you need to buy food, provide for the child, buy medicines for parents, but there is simply no money for all this, we were left with nothing, without work, without income, without savings! It’s really very hard for us, Kharkov and the region are shelled every day! From this constant fear in which we live, our nerves just give up, endure simply impossible! It is extremely difficult to work in Kharkiv and the region, especially given the constant shelling and when a small child and sick parents are in their arms! Sorry for the trouble, I just really need help, I'm looking for a way out, so I'm knocking on all doors. I wrote in
all the charitable foundations of Ukraine, they didn’t help me anywhere, no one even sent a pack of diapers to the child! Once again I ask you to forgive me for my appeal to you! I really don't know how to help mine, I don't know what to do...