Main Goal: Bring visitors to the HelpUkraineTogether.com
How do we do it: We reach out to large channels and ask them to share the URL
Why should they do it: Because we have proof that our users
Key points
Don’t share URL in the introduction message.
  • Ask for their permission to share URL with them. Don’t look spammy by opening up with a link from a person they never heard of.
Always be professional
  • The most valuable thing for influencers is their reputation. They will not work with someone who can jeopardize it. We have to be professional, and show our real results!
Ask them to write posts themselves
  • Influencers have special relationships with their audiences and they talk to them in their own format. Asking to copy/paste a post we send them would most likely be counterproductive. Ideally, they should write their own material because they know their audience the best. But we should provide them with photo/video content they can use. (If they need text copy - we’ll provide it as well)
Don’t worry if they decline - move on to the next ones
  • Many of the accounts won’t read your DM. Many of those who read - won’t reply. Many of those who replied - won’t post. Many of those who post - won’t bring visitors. But there will be a few of those really good accounts and large audiences that will make all the difference. The only way we reach them is by going through all other channels that don’t want anything to do with us. It is a numbers game. Don’t get discouraged. Follow up with them after a day if they still haven’t posted.

OUR RESULTS - Show it to the influencers, so they can see that the work we are doing actually results in money and supplies donated.

We want to bring influencers to THIS URL → bit.ly/partner-with-hut

Script for contacting influencers

INTRODUCTION (1st message)

I hope you are staying strong in these challenging times.
I am reaching out because we are looking for people like you who have great engagement and relationships with your audiences, and who want to help Ukraine right now.
In the last 10 days, the visitors of our website donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and supplies. So we are looking to share our portal with more people, and we want to get your audience involved, too.
We are a team of people in the United States and Europe who is helping gather military and medical supplies to support the Ukrainian people and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.
Would you be interested in helping us by sharing our cause with your audience?
Please let me know if you want to help, I can send you a quick overview of what we do and what we will ask from you.
IF THEY AGREE (2n message)

Thank you very much for your support, let’s do this!
You can make a real impact, as any visitor can result in thousands of dollars donated that will save lives. And you have kind and generous people in your audience.
We’ve put together a document that you can review and learn more about us, see the actual results that our team of volunteers is achieving, and the amount of work that has been done.
You can also find some images you can use.
Here’s the URL - bit.ly/partner-with-hut Please let me know when you post or schedule it, so we can track the results better!
IF THEY DECLINE (2nd message)

I understand.
If you change your mind and want to help us, please check out this document we’ve put together to explain what we can do and how you can help, as the situation in Ukraine is getting worse and worse every day.
Here’s the URL - bit.ly/partner-with-hut
Thank you for your time
IF THEY IGNORE (2nd message)

Hi again!
I don’t want to waste your time, here is a page that we have put together to describe what we do and how you can help Ukraine right now.
We really value your audience, I am sure there are a lot of people who watch all the war crimes that Russia is committing against the people of Ukraine.
Please check it out and have a good day.